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Schluter Ditra Heat MA Peel & Stick Membrane Self Adhesive

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Schluter-DITRA-HEAT-PS is a polypropylene membrane with a cut back stud structure and a fleece covered in pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to the underside.

DITRA-HEAT-PS is exclusively intended for installation on floors in interior areas. Substrates for installing DITRA-HEAT-PS must be flat, clean, dust free, dry, smooth, rigid and load bearing, with no deflection. To install peel the release film off DITRA-HEAT-PS and place the membrane on the substrate. It can be lifted and re-positioned providing no pressure has been applied to it. However once pressure has been applied the adhesive sticks the membrane firmly to the substrate. The heating cables can be installed immediately after adhering the membrane, using a spacing of 9 cm (every third stud ≙ 136 W/m²).

DITRA-HEAT-PS is non-rotting, waterproof, stretchable and crack-bridging. In addition, the polypropylene membrane is largely resistant to the effects of aqueous solutions, salts, acids and alkalis, many organic solvents, alcohols and oils. The adhesive layer is not water-soluble and permanently attaches to coverings that are free of solvents, plasticisers and oils.

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Brand Schluter Systems
Type Tile Membrane


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