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Patterned Tiles

Choose the perfect patterned wall tiles for your home from our huge range of unique designs. From pretty patterned wall tiles in delicate shades and incredible eye-catching geometric designs to Art Nouveau and stone effect tiles, you're bound to find the right tile to match your style.

In our extensive collection, you can find traditional square tiles, as well as thin, rectangular tiles which are perfect for creating a border or separating tiled and painted areas. They also work wonderfully to create a stunning splashback in a kitchen.

In many cases, you can find matching plain tiles to pair with your favourite patterned options, so check out our full product descriptions to find the perfect match for you. Whether you want to create a striking patterned effect for your whole room or highlight a special feature, our patterned tiles work perfectly in any room of the house.

We are proud to supply the highest quality tiles, which are durable and hard-wearing enough to withstand everyday wear and tear in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Whether you choose ceramic, porcelain or even hard-wearing yet beautiful encaustic cement tiles, we're sure that our selection can help you create the perfect look for your home.