Ardex A45 Ardurapid Internal Repair Mortar 11kg

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  • After application, ARDEX Levelling and Smoothing Compounds can be applied immediately
  • Receives finishes after 90 minutes regardless of thickness
  • Slump free - ideal for vertical and horizontal repairs
  • Priming rarely required on prepared concrete and sand/cement screeds
  • Ideal for the rapid repair of internal concrete, screeds, renders and concrete steps
  • Other applications include forming ramps, falls and coves, patching around fittings/pipework, and filling cracks and gaps
  • Suitable for use on heated concrete and screeds


ARDEX ARDURAPID A 45 is a rapid drying and hardening, slump free mortar for internal repairs.
The mixed mortar sets after 15 minutes and can be trafficked after just 90 minutes regardless of thickness at 20°C.

ARDEX ARDURAPID A 45 is ideal for:-

  • Re-profiling, repairing and refacing internal concrete stairtreads and risers, cement and sand screeds and concrete floors.
  • Filling and patching cracks in walls, ceilings and soffits.
  • Making good around pipework, door and window frames.
  • Forming ramps from a feather edge to normal screed thicknesses.
  • Forming coves. 

When using ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 as a wearing surface a suitable coating is required.

Initial Set (Vicat) 
approx. 15 mins at 20°C

Final Set (Vicat)
approx. 60 mins at 20°C

Compressive Strength
After 1 day 17.0 N/mm²
After 3 days 20.0 N/mm²
After 28 days 30.0 N/mm²

Tensile Bending Strength
After 1 day 4.0 N/mm²
After 3 days 4.5 N/mm²
After 28 days 6.5 N/mm²

Ball Pressure Hardness (Brinell)
After 1 day 55.0 N/mm²
After 3 days 63.0 N/mm²
After 28 days 80.0 N/mm²

More Information

Brand Ardex
Area Internal
Coverage Approximately 7m2 at 1mm thick per 11kg unit
Material Other Materials
Size 11 kg
Type Screeds-Levellers
Width (mm) 0

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