You ask? We answer

Do you offer free samples?

We are proud to offer not only offer 5 free tile samples but also samples on some of our trim and grout products. Be sure to look out for the sample button on the product pages to make sure if it offers a free sample. We cannot offer samples on non stocked items due to the fact that we don't have them in out warehouse. So some tiles wont have a sample button which means no free samples, sorry.

Do you have any discount codes or sales on adhesive and grout?

Unfortunately not , We try keep our prices as low as possible so you wont need a sale but if you have large quantities that you want then let us know and maybe we can squeeze a bit out for you.

Can you help me choose a grout for my tiles?

Ah the hardest question in tiling. We would love to help you but the thing is that everyone's creative eye is different from the next person so the best thing we can do is say go have a look at the grout colour charts on our grout colour chart page. We can also send out some samples if you need otherwise we always recommending getting a small bag and testing it out on a small section of your tiles and letting it dry and then seeing if it matches , then doing the whole area if you are happy.

Can you help me work out how many tiles i need?

Yes of course. You can either contact us on 02086894187 or else check Advance Tile Calculator on each tile product page. It will help determine how many tiles you need per room.

Can you offer me any help or assistance with products and help with my project?

Sure thing, we love to help our customers, We will always try as hard as we can to help give you the right advice and tips to do a great job or knowledge on a product but here are a few areas of the website where you can also have a look at some tips and videos direct from our suppliers. So call us on 02086894187 or email us at or check Help & Advice.

What happens if I think I have paid more than once for an order?

We really want you to have peace when using our site and we strive to make it as user-friendly and friction-less as possible but sometimes the payment system might stall when you are paying or an order might stall when going through and an error occurs or you receive 2 order confirmations. Please call us on 02086894187 and we will make sure we get to the bottom of it asap. Any double payments will be refunded and duplicated orders will be cancelled.

Is it possible to cancel an order after it has been placed?

Yes you can but again only if it has not been dispatched. If you cancel before dispatch then we will refund the total amount of your order including delivery fees but if it is after dispatch then all you need to do is reject the delivery and then it will make its way back to us. Unfortunately we will not be able to refund the delivery fee if this happens as it has already been dispatched and we get billed for it.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes you are able to, give us a call on 02086894187, and we will be able to take your order. We know we sell a many technical products that you might need info on so please don't hesitate to call. If the lines are busy and you cant get through then email us on and leave us your number and we will call you back. Please also note that when we take payment over the phone that at no stage do we hold or store your credit card or debit card details on site. All records are destroyed as soon as payment is made.

Am I able to add or amend my order?

Yes you are able to do any changes or additions but only if the order has not been dispatched. If this happens then you will need to place an additional order unfortunately. If you think you have made a mistake then give us a call on 02086894187