BAL Bond SBR Primer & Admix

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  • Greater toughness, flexibility and tensile strength, allowing mortars to be applied in thinner sections, thus reducing the weight of the construction.
  • Improved adhesion to backgrounds/bases.
  • Greater resistance to water and water vapour.
  • Greatly increased protection from water and salts.
  • Greater resistance to impact.
  • Reduced surface dusting.
  • Improved working characteristics particularly valuable in hot, humid climates.

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A multi-use synthetic polymer primer and admixture, BAL Bond SBR can be used as a bonding agent for adding to mortars used in screeding, plaster, rendering, bricklaying, pointing and repairs and as a primer for tile fixing onto timber, plaster, screeds, rendering or vinyl tiles. BAL Bond SBR is suitable for swimming pools and as a slurry coat of cement or plaster mix for wall and floor backgrounds.

A must-have for any tiler’s toolkit, BAL Bond SBR enhances the physical performance of mortars including adhesion, durability, flexibility, waterproofing and workability. Adding BAL Bond SBR helps permit feather edging of repair mortars, and prepares backgrounds and substrates for wall or floor tiling. BAL Bond SBR is also useful as a primer before tile fixing, providing extra protection for peace of mind.

  • Surfaces to Prime: Plaster, Screeds/Renders, Timber Surfaces, Calcium Sulphate Screeds, Anhydrate Screeds, Concrete/Brick, Tongued and grooved floorboards, Tile Backer Boards, Plaster Boards
  • Primer/Admix Key Features: Improves adhesion and flexibility, Greater resistance to water, Improved adhesion to backgrounds, Improved working characteristics particularly valuable in hot, humid climates, Stabilises dusty tiling substrates
  • Primer/Admix Drying Time: 15 - 30 minutes
  • Flexible: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Drying Speed: 15 - 30 Minutes

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Brand BAL
Area Internal | External
Type Primers-Admixes

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