Kerakoll H40 Extreme Adhesive 10kg

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Highly deformable and workable hybrid Gel‑Adhesive, tested for extreme conditions and uses.

  • Very fast bonding
  • Stress resistant
  • Easy to spread
  • Water Based
  • Low Ecological Impact


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  • Very fast bonding. Adhesibe strength(4.5 N/mm2) 5 times superior to a class C2 cement-based adhesive after 24 hours.
  • Stress resistant. 10 times more deformable than class S2(>50 mm) cement-based adhesive
  • Easy to spread. 5 times less viscous than a (35 Pas) polyurethane adhesive, transforms into a smooth gel like a cement-based adhesive
  • H40 Extreme hybrid gel-adhesive offers a unique level of fluidity as it is 5 times less viscous than traditional polyurethane adhesives
  • H40 Extreme always remains fluid and thixtropic, guaranteeing total wettability at all times.
  • It can be used in all conditions, even the most extreme, meeting the needs of all installations.

The new Kerakoll H40 Extreme hybrid gel adhesive revolutionises the world of reactive adhesives thanks to its unique fluidity and extreme flexibility, making it the ideal solution for the most extreme laying conditions. Highly deformable and workable hybrid gel‑adhesive, tested for extreme conditions and uses.

Areas of application

Intended use:
- existing tiles
- heating systems
- cement-based screeds
- asphalt screeds
- concrete
- plasterboard
- fibro-cement slabs
- gypsum and anhydrite
- cellular concrete
- brick
- lime and cement-based plasters/renders
- finished and subsequently plastered thermal
insulation panelling systems
- impact noise insulation sheets
- cracked screeds
- uncured damp screeds
- wood – metal – sheet metal
- rubber floors – pvc
- high-thickness coatings in epoxy and
polyurethane resin
- grp/fibreglass
- porcelain tiles
- laminated stoneware
- porcelain tile with resin back
very large formats
- low thickness slabs
- ceramic tiles
- marble - natural stone
- marble with resin back
- recomposed materials
- cement-based recomposed materials
- glass mosaics
- glass tiles
- thermal and acoustic insulation
- terracotta - klinker
- metal tiles
- adhesive and finishing
- interior waterproofing product
- floors and walls
- for internal and external use
- overlaying
- terraces and balconies
- facades
- swimming pools and fountains
- saunas and spa
- domestic
- commercial
- industrial
- street furniture

Pack size 10kg
Coverage ≈ 1.45 kg/m2 per mm of thickness
Shelf Life 24 months
Mixing Ratio part A: Part B = 8.6 : 1.4
Adhesive Thickness
from 2 to 15 mm

More Information

Brand Kerakoll
Coverage 1.45 kg/m2 per mm of thickness
Type Adhesive

Technical Info

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