Mapei Mapelevel PROWDG System

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Mapelevel ProWDG System Wedge levelling system for ceramic tiles and stone slabs.

  • Reusable
  • For tiles up to 20mm thick
  • Application with pliers
  • quick and easy removal

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Mapelevel ProWDG System is a wedge leveling system for obtaining perfectly flat ceramic tiles, and stone floors. Installation with pliers is simple, precise and fast.

MAPELEVEL PROWDG SYSTEM is composed of MAPELEVEL PROWDG wedges and MAPELEVEL PROWDG SPACER C and MAPELEVEL PROWDG SPACER C-H spacers to be chosen according to the thickness of the tiles.

The Mapei MAPELEVEL PROWDG SYSTEM leveling system makes laying tiles quicker and easier.

MAPELEVEL PROWDG SYSTEM is made of regenerated plastic material, respecting the environment.


  • For floors and walls in ceramic and stone material.
  • Particularly suitable for laying large formats or uneven coverings on uneven substrates
  • For tiles between 3 and 20 mm thick

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Brand Mapei
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