Mapei Ultracare Grout Release 1Ltr Protect Tile Surface

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  • Water-based coating to protect tiles from grout haze or film residue
  • Rinses with water during cleanup
  • Maximum protection against tile stains from grout and mortar
  • Excellent performance on textured and rough surfaces
  • Improves cleanability, saving time and labor
  • Suitable for use with cementitious, acrylic, urethane and epoxy (reaction-resin) grouts
  • For interior and exterior applications


UltraCare Grout Release is a high-performance sacrificial coating that protects the tile surface from grout stains, improves cleanability and reduces the risk of grout haze or film residue. It can be used for interior and exterior applications on natural stone (such as marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, granite and travertine), porcelain/ceramic tiles, masonry and quarry tiles.

Density 0.99 g per cc
pH 8.75
VOCs (Rule #1168 of California's SCAQMD) 337 g per L
Storage temperature range 35°F to 90°F (2°C to 32°C)
Waiting time between applications 30 to 60 minutes

More Information

Brand Mapei
Area Indoors | Outdoors
Colour Transparent
Coverage 125 to 250 sq. ft. (11.6 to 23.2 m²) / 1 L
Pack SIze 1
Size 1L
Type After Care


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