Marmox Curved Multiboard 20MM (600x1250MM)

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Looking for bathroom and wet room design inspiration? Consider the versatile Marmox Curved Boards! These flexible boards offer endless possibilities for creating archways, curved walls, curved bath panels, and more. Plus, they're designed for easy installation and cost-effectiveness.

Marmox Curved Boards are ideal for achieving curved designs with mosaic tiling. With their unique design featuring slits 2mm wide and 17mm deep removed from one side, these 20mm thick Multiboards can be easily bent to a radius as small as 200mm. Once secured against a frame or curved wall, they provide a low porosity concrete surface that's pre-primed and ready for tiling or plastering.

Whether you're a homeowner or a professional designer, Marmox Curved Boards can save you time and effort while offering a wider range of creative possibilities. Waterproof, insulating, and easy to install, they're an excellent choice for any bathroom or wet room project.

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Brand Marmox UK
Height (mm) 1250
Material Cementeous
Type Insulation Board
Width (mm) 0

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