Schluter Rondec TS Trim Round Edge Aluminium

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Creating spaces with tile and stone whether they are living, relaxing or working spaces calls for design considerations. If the “vision” calls for vintage, traditional or contemporary, the attractive textured finishes of Schlüter®-TS have been applied to the Schluter®-QUADEC, -RONDEC, -JOLLY, and -DILEX profile families. Incorporating profiles into the overall design with textures that blend or act as a contrasting accent with the tile and stone, providing protection and decoration, and those all-important finishing touches. These trims help to create a great look and feel well with Wood effect, concrete effect, metal effect, and Griege finishing options. This is a non-stocked item but if you order before 12 PM then you can get it next day subject to availability at Schluter.

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Brand Schluter Systems
Finish Textured
Type Trim


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