Tilemaster Primeplus Priming - Bonding Agent 1L, 5L

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  • Wall & floor primer for absorbent surfaces
  • Designed to prime, stabilise & seal substrates
  • Increases the adhesion of tile adhesives & flooring compounds
  • Prolongs the working time of tile adhesives & flooring compounds
  • Pigmented for ease of application

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Primeplus is a highly advanced styrene butadiene polymer designed to prime, stabilise and seal substrates prior to the application of  Tilemaster tile adhesives and smoothing and levelling compounds.

Primeplus increases the adhesion and prolongs the working time of Tilemaster adhesives and Tilemaster smoothing and levelling compounds, and can be used on absorbent surfaces both internally and externally.

Preparation of all substrates is crucial to the success and longevity of the installation. All substrates, must be rigid, flat, clean, dry and sound and be free of any contaminants.

Anything that could compromiseadhesion to the substrate, such as dust, dirt, oil, grease, laitance, sealers, waxes and curing agents will need to be mechanically removed.

Ensure that all substrates and backgrounds are strong enough to carry the weight of the final coverings and fixing materials, and that any maximum weight limits are not exceeded.

The temperature of the substrate must be above 5°C when Tilemaster Primeplus is applied. Underfloor heating systems must be switched off at least 24 hours prior to application. Ensure that where necessary, a damp proof membrane has been incorporated in the subfloor.

Shake well before use.

Apply a thin, even coat to the surface using a paint roller, brush or sponge.

Take care not to over apply the product, as this can extend the drying time and cause the primer to skin over.

Allow Tilemaster Primeplus to become touch dry before applying tile adhesive or self levelling compound.

Tilemaster Primeplus will take approximately 45 – 60 minutes to dry, avoid heavy trafficking once Tilemaster Primeplus has dried.

Clean tools with warm water after use.

Technical Information

Minimum Application Temperature:

  • 5°C

Drying Time Before Tiling:

  • 15-20 minutes in ideal conditions (The drying/curing time will depend on the porosity of the substrate and ambient conditions/temperatures)

Drying Time Between Coats:

  • Allow the first coat to become touch dry


  • Store unopened, clear of the ground in cool,dry conditions

    More Information

    Brand Tilemaster Adhesives
    Area Indoor, Outdoor
    Colour Light Green
    • 1 litre applied neat = 10m2
    • 1 litre diluted with 3 parts water = 40m2
    • 1 litre applied as a slurry coat = 18m
    Model Primeplus
    Pack SIze 1L and 5L
    Type Primers-Admixes

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