Authentic Quarry Tile Double Round Edge 150x150mm

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Authentic quarry tile with double round edge are a popular choice for garden pathways and outdoor floors because of their durability and slip-resistant surface. Authentic quarry tiles are typically square, and the most common size is 150x150mm (6x6 inches). These tiles are made from natural clay that is fired at high temperatures. This process creates a hard, dense tile that is resistant to moisture and frost Authentic quarry tiles are available in a range of earthy tones, including red, brown, gray, and black. The color variations come from the differences in the clay used to make the tiles. These tiles have a slightly rough surface that provides excellent traction, even when wet. The surface can be left natural or treated with a sealer to make it smoother and easier to clean. Can be installed using traditional tile-setting methods, including a bed of mortar and grout. Because they are thick and heavy, they may require a stronger subfloor than other types of tiles. Relatively low maintenance and can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. Sealing the tiles can help prevent staining and make them easier to clean. You will need 44 tiles per nominal square metre.

More Information

Tile Collection Authentic
Brand Tile Experience
Area Outdoors
Coverage 44 Tiles / 1 sqm
Finish Matt
Material Quarry
Shape Square
Size Small Format
Slip Rating R11
Style Steps and Pathways
Type Tiles
Tile Height (mm) 150
Tile Width (mm) 150
Tile Thickness (mm) 12


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