Devi Underfloor Heating Mats 150W Concrete Floors

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  • Quick and easy to install
  • 100% aluminium earth shield
  • 4mm cable thickness
  • 2.3 Metre Cold Tail

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Devi Underfloor Heating Mats Concrete-150W Concrete Floors

DEVI heating mats are versatile heating mats developed for a variety of applications, including domestic and commercial electrical heating, as well as indoor and outdoor heating solutions. DEVI offers a full range of electrical heating mats for floor heating systems and outdoor grounds. As they are really thin and easy to install, indoor DEVI heating mats are mostly used for renovations projects, where you can put them on existing flooring. Mats are very convenient for electrical heating system installation on large areas. During mat installation for floor heating at newly constructed buildings, you can use them under any type of flooring: such as tiles, laminate or wood. The unique round profile (min. 3mm height) of this mat and its robust construction ensures a fast, simple and safe installation, making it perfect for renovating existing floors. Add to this our unique 20-year warranty that covers product, installation and new floor costs, so you know you are in safe hands. -Easy to install - ready to lay on the floor -Self-adhesive for indoor -Thin for indoor, only 3 – 4.5 mm -Long lifetime with a 20-year warranty

Operation voltage 220V - 240

Please be aware that the floor heat sensing probe is sold with the thermostat and is not provided with the mat or cable. You will need to install the cable conduit at the time you install the mat or cable as it goes underneath the floor and then connects to the thermostat. 

This DEVI Mats & Cables have a 20 year warranty 

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Brand DEVI
Pack SIze 1
Type Heating Mats

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