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Mapei Mapeheat Cable Underfloor Heating

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  • Radiant-Heating Cable for the creation of heated floors
  • Heats many types of flooring, such as tile, stone, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and engineered wood.
  • Suitable for wet environments, such as showers and steam rooms.
  • Ultra thin cold-lead splice fits easily into Mapeheat Membrane.
  • Zero EMF (electromagnetic field) cable design.
  • Available in 230 V.
  • Industry-leading customer service with a 12-year limited warranty

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Mapeheat Cable is a free-form, twincoil, floor-heating cable for use in any residential or commercial interior room where the comfort of radiant floor heating is desired. The cable can be spaced on site to provide 150, 125, 95 W/m² based on the desired wattage output requirements of the installation. Mapeheat Cable is available in 8 sizes from 14.5m-98m covering spaces from as small as 1.1 m and up to 12.4 m . The Mapeheat Cable is well suited for use in combination with MAPEI Mapeheat Membrane.

Any interior, residential area.
Approved for use with the following finished flooring: Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite, marble, natural stone and luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Length: 14.5 m up to 98mm
Thickness: 4mm in diameter

Product specifics: Two single-conductor, Tefzel-coated resistance wires covered by a tin-plated copper braid and then coated with a durable copolymer (PVC) outer jacket
Heating cable: 2-wire, grounded, twisted pair with PVC outer jacket
Cold lead: 2-wire, plus ground braid; LS0H outer jacket; length of 2.5 m
Mechanical joint: Connecting joint between the heating cable and the cold lead
Operating voltage: 230 V
Power output*: 12 W/m
Minimum bending radius: 30mm
Minimum cable spacing: 80mm
Circuit breaker: 10A (Type C)
Earth leakage current breaker (RCD): 30mA, 100ms
Maximum continuous exposure temperature: +90°C
Minimum installation temperature: +5°C

More Information

Brand Mapei
Colour Black
Material Copper-PCV
Type Heating Cable

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