Mapei Mapetex System Membrane 1 sqm

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  • Install tiling without respecting joints
  • Anti-fracture
  • Rapid
  • Easy to apply


Mapetex System consists of Mapetex, a non-woven fabric and Mapetex Strip, an adhesive strip. Mapetex can be used with Mapetex Strip, as a removable base for the installation of new floor and wall coverings on chipboard, wood, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tiles and stone material substrates and on cementitious screeds and underfloor heating installations. It can also be used to rapidly replace tiles on exhibition panels, without damaging them. Mapetex bonded with Keraquick Latex Plus, Elastorapid or Kerabond/Kerabond T Isolastic can also be used as an anti-fracture and removable membrane for bonding floors on uncured cementitious screeds and the installation of ceramic tiles and stone material (also diagonally) without the need of respecting fraction joints.

This product is sold per m2 but if you order 10m2 you will get a roll of 1mx10m not 10 1x1m2 sheets.

More Information

Brand Mapei
Area Interior
Size 1 sqm
Type Tile Membrane
Width (mm) 0


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