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Marmox Pipe Boxing 1250mm

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  • Marmox pipe-boxing comes in flat sheets that bend to a 90O angle and seals with a self adhesive tape
  • Density 36 kgs
  • Compressive strength: 3 tons per m2
  • Fire behavior: Class E
  • 10-year warranty
  • Cut-to-size
  • Light and resistant
  • Compatible with all tiles
  • Ready to tile
  • Ready to plaster
  • Waterproof

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Boxing in exposed pipework is an important part of many bathroom and wet room installations. Marmox pipe boxing is completely waterproof so it is suitable for all kinds of shower and wet rooms, as well as bath panels.

How to use

Make sure your boxing is the correct length. They come as standard in 1.25m lengths and can be placed on top of one another for full height. They are easy to cut with a knife or saw and can be cut in straight lines and around uneven structures.

Marmox pipe boxing is specially formed to produce a 90º right angle when folded. A double sided, waterproof, self adhesive tape is situated within the fold to hold the board in place during installation.

Peel the tape away and fold to create the 90º angle.

If applying it to a stud wall of Marmox board then place a bead of Marmox Multibond along the edge of the Marmox pipe boxing. If the Marmox pipe boxing is going to be against a solid wall then it is recommended to use Marmox Wall Brackets. Use two per side of a 1.25m length.

Be sure to mark against the wall and drill out the hole positions. Place the Marmox pipe boxing in place and push firmly. Add screw fixings, then run a bead of Marmox Multibond around the top the Marmox pipe boxing if you are going to add more Marmox pipe boxing.

Add Marmox Multibond / Marmox Wall Brackets to the next piece of Marmox pipe boxing and push it firmly into place making sure it is well in line. Add screws. Now add some more Marmox Multibond to all the joints.

As soon as the Multibond has cured (24 hours) the Marmox Pipe Boxing is fully waterproof and can be tiled. Although the most common application is to create boxed-in tiled structures, the boards can also be plastered and painted to fit in with the surrounding room.

Available size:

Marmox Pipe Boxing is 20mm thick and is supplied in 1.25m lengths. The arms of the Boxing is available in the following widths:

150mm x 150mm
200mm x 200mm
300mm x 300mm
400mm x 200mm

More Information

Brand Marmox UK
Length 1250 mm
Model Pipe Boxing
Type Backer Boards

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