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Maximise Your Kitchen Tile Splashback
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Maximise Your Kitchen Tile Splashback

Maximise your kitchen
tile splashback

Do you spend a lot more time in your kitchen lately? As the central hub of the home, the kitchen is used not only for preparing meals, but often for eating them, doing work or studying at the table, and even just spending time with family and friends.

If you have been in your kitchen more often, you may have noticed that it isn’t exactly as you would like it to be. Whether you have noticed a little extra clutter that could do with tidying away, that the surfaces needing wiping down more often, or that you simply want to update the decor - you can easily turn your kitchen into a space where you will love to be.

One of the most striking and definitive parts of your kitchen may not be one you have considered - the tiles on the walls. Replacing old grout with a stylish kitchen splashback variety can create the kitchen you want easily. From updating your colour scheme to making the space look cleaner and more modern, you can make the most of your splashback. Read on to find out how.

The perks of splashback tiles

So why replace your old grout with brand new splashback kitchen tiles? As styles change, splashback tiles are a much more modern and appealing look for your kitchen, and you can change up your colour scheme or style easily. They also provide more of a decorative edge to your kitchen, so you can truly make them the focal point of the space, or subtly incorporate them into the rest of your aesthetic.

On a practical level, replacing your older grout can do wonders for how clean you can keep your kitchen. Years of wear, tear and cooking grease will be gone in an instant, and you can easily wipe down your beautiful new splashback tiles to keep them looking fresh.

Tiles for all styles

There is an incredible range of splashback tiles available for every interior design style and taste. Directions tiles provide a modern look, with an arrow-like design that is perfect for contemporary homes.

If you want something that will give your kitchen a little more of a classic, minimal edge, Pearl tiles are perfect. Or you can put an industrial chic twist on your kitchen with Windsor tiles. Whether you want the clean lines of a straightforward rectangle or a more unusual hexagon shape, there is an ideal design for you. Your splashback can either blend seamlessly into your kitchen space or become a main feature so you can simplify the rest of the area.

Whatever your personal style, you can get a whole new vision or go with the look you love easily.

Keep it colourful

The colours you choose for your kitchen are very important. Do you want to create a bright space that inspires you to feel lively and awake first thing in the morning? Or do you prefer darker jewel tones for those cosy nights in cooking a lavish meal? Are you someone who adores a busy, decorative style or do you like minimalist, clean lines and lots of white?

One of the best things about your kitchen splashback is that you can bring a pop of colour into your space. Whether you want a dark, decadent blue or a pale, simple grey, there is a colour choice for you.

From cheerful yellows and pale pastel greens to warm and cosy reds or classically beautiful white, you can choose the shade and finish that you want.

Are you feeling ready to bring a brand new splashback to your kitchen? These beautiful tiles can help to create the space that is perfect for you so you will feel right at home.