Transform Your Tiling With Coloured Grout
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Transform Your Tiling With Coloured Grout

how to transform your tiling project with
coloured grout

Whether you're planning on tiling a bathroom, kitchen, wall or floor; thinking about the colour and style of tiles you choose is important to ensure you achieve the right kind of look and feel you want for a particular space. Not only is the colour choice of your tiles important when achieving your specific aesthetic, but it is also vital from a functional point of view, so considering how an area is used will also play a part in deciding which colours work well together.

By spending some time thinking about which colour tiles you want to opt for in the rooms of your home, this allows you to be certain on your aesthetic, as changing any tiling solutions you no longer like isn’t as easy as redecorating a wall with paint or paper. Consider which colour themes and shades you want to choose for your next tiling project with our ultimate guide to choosing the best colour combinations for your tiling.

The Latest Bathroom & Kitchen Tiling Trends

2022 is an exciting time for tiling, with many designers creating stylish tile ranges in stunning shapes, colours, patterns, and prints. There are many noticeable trends already this year, including traditional terracotta tiles, blocks of bold coloured tiles, interesting shapes, and beautiful patterns. However, as tiles become increasingly more creative, there is one trend that is clearly standing out, coloured tiling grout.

Tile colours, shapes, patterns, finishes and layouts are all available in a range of creative finishes, however, it is the growing range of grout colours that are helping to enhance the tile designs. Whether you are looking to emphasise an interesting tile layout or ensure the tiles steal the show, the trends this year have highlighted that the colour of grout you choose will have a significant impact on the overall finish.

It Is Time To Be Bold With Your Grout!

There is a rainbow of grout colours to choose from, and this simple yet practical product has the ability to transform the plainest ceramic tiles into a stunning space that you can be proud of. 

The choice you make will have a significant impact on the finish of the entire project, so naturally, you will want to create a finish that is both on-trend and in line with your own style. The following are some examples of grout trends that are proving to be very popular.

Black Grout With White Tiles

If you are looking to add a bold statement to plain white wall tiles, simply using black grout instead of standard white will instantly transform the finish. This bold finish is great for geometric tile layouts, and with bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles often hard to keep clean, the darker grout will help to hide future marks. The dark grout is also a great option if you are looking to transform an existing tiled area, and the results can be very eye-catching!

Grey Grout With Neutral Tiles

If the boldness of black grout is a little too stark for your own personal style, a grey grout can be a much softer finish, especially paired with cream wall tiles, off-white tiles or other light neutrals. This neutral finish will be very versatile, and the accessories you choose will help to finish your overall look. For example, pair with plants and wooden accessories for a traditional feel or add contrasting metal finishes for a sophisticated, modern finish.

Bold Grout Colours

If dark grout isn’t for you, there are many bright and beautiful grout colours available, including corals, greens, blues and even reds. The various colours can be used effectively to either blend in with your tile colour or to create an interesting contrast. For example, if you have opted for a wood-effect floor tile, you may find that a slightly lighter shade of grout helps to create a harmonious, natural wood feel.

Coloured grout is also a great way to bring a modern, fun and unique look when using classic white tiles. A timeless style, white tiling is clean and fresh, however can sometimes look a little plain. So if you love the idea of white tiling but want to inject a bit more personality into a space, grout is a simple but highly effective solution to add a pop of colour for a dramatically different look.

Glamorous Glitter Grout

In addition to the wide range of colours, it is even possible to add a touch of glamour to your bathroom and kitchen tiles with glitter tiling grout. This is a great option for plain tiles which are being used in a small space, such as a splashback, small bathroom, or wet room area. Alternatively, if you are opting for mosaic tiles, the glitter in the grout will help to enhance the lines between the small tiles for a creative finish.

How To Choose The Ideal Tiling Grout Colour

Whether you are looking for the ideal tiling grout for your bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles, the same principles will apply. Firstly, think about the size of the area, as a high contrast finish can be overwhelming across a vast space. In contrast, a grout colour that matches the tiles will help to create a continuous flow in a small space, so that the overall room feels larger.

Next, think about where the tiles will be laid. For example, if you are laying kitchen tiles as a feature splashback it will be in your direct line of sight, so a bold grout colour might have the dramatic effect you are looking for. It is important to think about the overall finish you want to achieve, with matching grout ideal for a simple, minimalist look and contrasting grout great for those looking for a more dramatic, creative finish.

Finally, consider the tile design. If the tile is patterned, a thin grout line in a neutral colour will help the design of the tile to stand out. Whereas, if you have opted for a plain tile, you will have an array of potential grout colours to choose from depending on your own personal style, each offering a completely different look.

Your Choice Of Grout: A Simple Way To Make A Big Impact

The choice of grout is often an overlooked component of tiling projects. However, it is an important aspect to get right, as the grout you choose can have a significant impact on the style of the room.

Whether you want to keep things restrained and minimal with white grout, add an element of fun with coloured grout, or provide visual interest with contrasting neutral grout lines, there are some great options to choose from.

It’s also worth thinking about how the grout will perform over time. For example, white grout on a tiled floor that sees a lot of foot traffic may become dirty over time, whereas a darker grout would remain looking newer for longer. So whether you’re tiling a bathroom, kitchen, hallway or anywhere else in a property, make sure you take the time to carefully select the right grout for the job.

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