The Best Colour Combinations For Tiling
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The Best Colour Combinations For Tiling

the best colour combinations
for tiling

Whether you're planning on tiling a bathroom, kitchen, wall or floor; thinking about the colour and style of tiles you choose is important to ensure you achieve the right kind of look and feel you want for a particular space. Not only is the colour choice of your tiles important when achieving your specific aesthetic, but it is also vital from a functional point of view, so considering how an area is used will also play a part in deciding which colours work well together.

By spending some time thinking about which colour tiles you want to opt for in the rooms of your home, this allows you to be certain on your aesthetic, as changing any tiling solutions you no longer like isn’t as easy as redecorating a wall with paint or paper. Consider which colour themes and shades you want to choose for your next tiling project with our ultimate guide to choosing the best colour combinations for your tiling.

Play It Safe With Whites & Neutral Tiling

Whites and neutrals are always a winning choice for tiles, especially bathroom tiles. So if you're looking to play it safe, you can't go wrong with these options. They provide a clean, crisp effect, so are perfect for wet rooms, and particularly if you want to make a room feel spacious and bigger than it is.

Bear in mind that white tiles may come across as a bit stark if used exclusively in a bathroom, so consider adding pops of colour or other textures in this space to prevent this undesirable effect. White also has a tendency to show up dirt, so if you opt for white floor tiles or bathroom tiles they may require more cleaning and maintenance than other colour options.

Of course, white and neutrals can be combined with a range of different shades to add a splash of colour to your tiles, with combinations such as white and blue, greys and browns all making tried-and-trusted matches.

Create A Timeless Design With Grey Tiles

While grey may be classed as a neutral, it most certainly deserves its own mention as it has become one of the most popular colour choices across every room in the home in recent times. The stylish and sleek colour combines easily with almost any colour, so works really effectively for tiling, whether in a small room such as a bathroom or a larger room like a kitchen. 

However, if not styled properly sometimes grey can give off a gloomy and dull effect if used in isolation. A great way to add warmth and lightness to grey wall tiles or floor tiles is by combining them with another colour such as a softer cream or pale pink. Alternatively opting to combine different shades of grey, such as a an anthracite feature wall paired with softer grey elsewhere, can help to create interest and add an extra touch of personality to the room.

It’s also good to use accent colours with grey tiles to pick up on other features such as furnishings, blinds or accessories, this way you can bring out the most of your kitchen and bathroom decor while achieving an on-trend modern look.

Bold & Bright Tiles To Make A Statement

If you’re working with larger areas in your home and looking for the perfect coloured tiles to compliment your large living space, then opting for bold and bright shades of wall tiles and floor tiles are a great way to make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom. For a cheery, sunny effect that is inspired by nature, combine the shades of green, blue and yellow in your tiling scheme.

While many people tend to opt for pairing just two colours together when tiling, design experts reckon that you can successfully blend three together. But three colours should usually be the limit, in case the effect becomes too overbearing.

Shades of red, yellow and orange work great for tiling rooms like your kitchen if you’re looking for a bright and cheery feel in the room. You can opt for dramatic tones of these colours or even softer hues for a more subtle outcome. When choosing tile colours, especially bold tones, it is important to think about the colours used in the rest of that space, to avoid any clashing or competing for attention.

Keeping Up With Latest Trends With Black tiles

Over recent years, the use of black in interior design has grown significantly in popularity thanks to its contemporary feel. So what better way to incorporate this trendy look than through black tiles! When combined with materials such as copper and steel in a kitchen, black floor tiles or wall tiles exude an industrial vibe, while black bathroom tiles combined with lots of glass give the room a very modern, stylish feeling, especially when used with spotlighting which makes the space feel dramatic and interesting. 

Black tiles are also very functional, as they are easy to keep looking in good condition, so are perfect for busy zones in the house. If you don't want a tiled area that is just black, consider adding a few tiles with geometric shapes or patterns to add a bit of extra interest. What’s more, black tiles also mix well with white, cream or grey for a classic, monochrome look that will never go out of style.

Calming Shades Of Green Tiles

Shades of green have recently taken on a revival in the home, and it's easy to see why this popular shade reminiscent of nature has been making a buzz of late. Green is extremely versatile and ranges from dark, forest-like tones to lighter, softer, soothing shades such as olive, sage and pine.

When combined together, greens make for a cool, fresh, eye-catching tiled floor or wall, and marries well in a room that is filled with lush houseplants. Green mosaic wall tiles, in particular, are on-trend right now in bathrooms and shower rooms. Green tiles also blend well with terracotta, red and orange for an opulent, striking look that would sit well in a tiled entrance area or hallway.

Tiling With Harmonious Shades

A great way to pick contrasting shades for your tiles is by looking at the colour wheel. This is an excellent method to discover which colours work well together, but it's important to remember that many colours of the same shade also combine harmoniously. In particular, putting tiles together in different shades of blue creates a cool, sophisticated feel and will look especially stylish in bathrooms or a feature tiled wall in a kitchen.

Considering The Colour Of Your Grout

The colour of your tiles isn't the only consideration you should make when deciding on which combinations of shades to use. Think also about the colour of the tile grout you use, as this can have quite a big impact on the overall effect.

While most people stick to using white as a tried-and-trusted grout colour choice, there are, in fact, a great range of other options, from light colours such as cream, grey and beige to brighter, bolder tones, like red, blue, black and green. Let the grouting colour match the colour of accessories in the room and the effect will be especially striking.

Using strong colour shades for your grouting is a great way to highlight individual tiles, particularly when the grouting colour contrasts with the tile colour. A bold grouting colour can also bring a neutral colour alive, adding visual impact and creating a unique designer inspired style in any room.

Use Colour To Creating A Unique Space In Your Home

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