Tiles: Blending Indoors & Outdoors
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Tiles: Blending Indoors & Outdoors

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Whether you have a garden, a back yard or a balcony - making the most of your outdoor space can offer a number of great benefits. In the past, there was usually a clear and distinct divide between outside and inside, but these days the outdoor areas of our homes are widely considered to be a valuable and useful extension of our indoor living spaces.

Used for relaxing, dining and entertaining during warmer months, and often all year round, outdoor spaces are now an integral part of the way many individuals and families use their homes. No longer used only to contain a lawn or some planting, well integrated outdoor areas of the home can provide extra functional living space, increase the sense of light and even make indoor areas appear larger and more open.

Perhaps one of the biggest trends seen in recent years is the merging of indoor and outdoor spaces by using design choices that help to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, creating a seamless transition between the two. For many people this means paying equal care and attention to the design of outdoor spaces as to indoor rooms. This can help to make a home more functional for your family to use all year round, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by the right choice of indoor and outdoor floor tiles.

How Can You Use Indoor And Outdoor Floor Tiles In Your Home?

If you want to transform and breathe some life into your outdoor space, outdoor floor tiles are one way to do so. You can easily restyle your garden space with a range of outdoor tiles in a variety of shapes and styles. Whether you want to create a garden path or a patio area, there are a wide range of outdoor tiles that can help you achieve the look you want.

Connecting Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

When used to connect your indoor space to the outside, matching or coordinated tiling helps to draw the eye from the interior to the exterior, increasing the feeling of space and openness. It also helps to provide a continuous surface, particularly if used alongside large windows or bi-fold doors that can be opened, to create a larger cohesive area.

Bringing The Outside In

Tiles can also help transform interior spaces too in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. If you want your home to embody the outdoor aesthetic, there are a selection of options available to help you achieve that effect. For example, stone effect floor tiles in your kitchen or dining space can pair well with patio doors and an outside patio area to seamlessly blend the two together, while using the same style in a bathroom can bring a natural feeling of tranquility to the space.

A Coordinated Style Throughout Your Home

Some tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which provides a convenient way to use a consistent flooring material throughout your home. In other cases, using a coordinating colour or style for both your indoor and outdoor tiling is also a great way to achieve a connected and well integrated style through different areas.

There are many different types of tiles available, coming in a range of different materials, colours, and styles to suit your design preferences. With tiles to suit every ongoing trend, what better way to merge your home together in a hassle-free way. Here are a few selected styles of tiles to get you started on your home renovation project.

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Embracing The Outdoors With Wood Effect Floor Tiles

The wild outdoors is often known for its vibrant plants and woodland trees. In the home, homeowners can easily embrace that outdoor feel by adding some of these elements to their living spaces. Wood effect floor tiles are a perfect option for kitchen flooring with their long lasting and robust wear. Unlike real wood, these unique tiles won't be as easily damaged by sharp or heavy objects or moisture, so they're ideal for areas both inside and outside your home that experience heavy footfall and are prone to spills.

Wood effect floor tiles can be arranged in a wide variety of styles to create a unique design. Including a parquet layout, herringbone layout or classic grid layout to suit your style preferences. There is even the option to add a centrepiece or border to create a style that suits your space while enjoying the luxurious wood aesthetic. Wood effect tiles have come a long way and are a great alternative to real wood flooring with the added benefit of them being easier to keep clean and also being more affordable.

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Transforming Living Spaces With Concrete Effect Floor Tiles

When it comes to blending your indoor and outdoor spaces, concrete effect floor tiles are a great choice for contemporary homes. These tiles not only create a sleek and modern design but are also fade-resistant, hardwearing and low maintenance. Using concrete effect floor tiles is often a cheaper alternative to real polished concrete and they’re quick and easy to install too.

Contemporary living spaces are all about clean designs and these tiles can really help create a unique feel to a home. Both kitchens and bathrooms can embrace these floor tiles and make it easily feel like an outdoor space within the home. Concrete effect tiles are available in both indoor and outdoor options, meaning it’s easy to create a cohesive look that can be used to superbly blend different areas of your home together.

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Blending Indoor And Outdoor Spaces With Stone Effect Floor Tiles

For those looking for tiles that combine the practical benefits of porcelain tiles with the luxurious appeal of natural stone flooring, stone effect floor tiles are the perfect option for you that give you the best of both worlds. Stone effect floor tiles look great in modern kitchens, and with stone effect tiles for outdoor use available too, they can be a great way to seamlessly blend the kitchen dining space with outdoor patio areas.

Stepping from the indoors to the outdoors has never been so easy. Available in a beautiful range of colours including whites, greys, creams, browns and more, this style is the perfect addition to your home. 

Natural stone tiles, like travertine and marble, can mark and scratch easily, meaning they can begin to look worn quickly in high-traffic areas. But with stone effect floor tiles made from porcelain you are ensured high durability that can maintain a new and fresh look for many years. Not only this, but the tiles are also incredibly easy to maintain and are a stylish addition to any indoor space. These floor tiles simply require cleaning regularly just like any other tiled area of your home to stay looking fantastic.

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Choosing A Reputable Manufacturer

With the vast range of floor tiles available, your home renovation project can be made simple with the range of different styles and finishes to match the look you are wanting to achieve. From wood effect floor tiles and kitchen tiles to stone effect tiles and mosaic tiles, the options are endless to help you connect your indoor and outdoor spaces, and bring a feeling of the outside into your home.

If you're looking to install high-quality tiles in your home to blend the indoors with the outdoors, shop our range at The Tile Experience today. Providing a wide selection of floor tiles for all areas of the home to help you create the design you want, we also provide expert advice on which tiles, adhesives and grouts are right for you and your property.